Pan Chemicals, leading producer and worldwide supplier of lubricants and coatings for wire drawing and rolling of ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel applications.



Dry drawing lubricants for:

- low-carbon steel wires

- bright wires

- welding wires

- wire for cold heading

- high-carbon steel wires

- galvanized wires and alloys.

Wet drawing lubricants:

- grease and neat oils

- emulsifiable oils


- fine wires

- high-carbon wires

- galvanized wires

Surface treatment products:

- phosphates

- non reactive coatings

- pre-coatings for stainless steel.

Auxiliary products for:

- degreasing

- special applications

- equipment for the wire industry: brushes for descaling and cleaning, wiping pads.


Orbital abrasive sanding machine
Mechanical descalers
Rotating die boxes
In line coating and drying lines
Carbide dies grinding and reconditioning machines

The Company
Pan Chemicals is a vibrant modern company situated in northern Italy. Set up in 1987 by a group of people with high experience in the application of lubricants and associated technology to the wire industry, Pan Chemicals has rapidly acquired a leading role in the market thanks to its constant innovation and responsiveness to customer needs, working with and for the customer and offering a wide range of high-tech solutions.

Our Commitment
At Pan Chemicals, we believe the highest performance is obtained only when every element of the wire drawing process is correctly applied. For this reason we aim for a Single Supplier Responsibility, offering:

- lubricants and coatings

- innovative new machine designs

- mechanicals descalers and shot-blasting machines

- technology and assistance.