Dry lubricants for low and medium carbon wire (applications: nails, annealing, galvanising, redrawing)
Panlube properties characteristics surface preparation
S10 Calcium lubricants with low fat content for low and medium speed drawing The rod preparation can be
1. by mechanical descaling
2. by brushing
3. by abrasive sanding
4. by acid pickling

The rod preparation can be pre-coated by
1. lime
2. water soluble carriers

All products are suitable for pressure dies.
S14 for medium speed drawing
S25 for high speed drawing
S27 no residual in the pickling bath after annealing
S37 for medium and high speed drawing
S39 for medium and high speed drawing
S40 for high speed drawing
S44 heavy coating for high speed drawing
S45 general use on low speed machines
S55 for high speed drawing, high melting point
S208 no residual in the pickling bath after annealing, low consumption
S240 suitable for big diameters clean surface
S433 contains EP Additives, it is suitable for machines with limited cooling
S466 Calcium sodium lubricant for very high speed starting from belt descaled and pre-coated rod. Suitable for in line machines. To be used on the first block followed by a sodium lubricant
S933 to be used for big diameters on 2 - 5 steps when a low residual is required on the finished wire
S970 for general use to obtain low residual on the wire
S1000 Borax free sodium lubricant with medium fat content used after a calcium lubricant to reduce the final coating or from the first pass with lime coated rod Sodium lubricants are generally used after a calcium to obtain a clean surface. They can be used directly from the first pass on coated rod or for big diameters.
S1400 Borax free sodium lubricants with high fat content for the final dies or for redrawing of fine wire - clean nail wire
S1440 Sodium lubricant for the production of fine wire at very high speed, up to 40 m/s
S1531 suitable for big diameters for the production of clean wire