Dry and wet lubricants for Plating Quality Wire (PQW)
Panlube properties characteristics surface preparation
S212 calcium sodium lubricant with low fat content partially water soluble. Can be used for multiple die at high speed. For better cleaning on the final dies a Sodium lubricant is recommended (PANLUBE S1400) 1. acid pickling and lime or pre-coating (PANCOVER).
2. mechanical descaling
3. mechanical descaling and brushing.
4. abrasive belt descaling.
5. in-line shot blasting (Deblasting process).

The final cleaning is generally obtained by a degreasing solution in the last die box using a single or double rotating die. (See our Rotating Die Box LPL 43/2)
S933 calcium sodium lubricant with medium fat content recommended for big diameters. Bright finishing. Rust protection.
S1030 calcium sodium lubricant with high fat content recommended for high speed drawing, to be used on the first dies, followed by with S 1400 or S1531.
S2000 calcium sodium lubricant for the production of clean wire
S1400 Sodium lubricant, borax free fully water soluble, can be used for all the dies in case of lime coating, or after a calcium sodium lubricant in case of mechanical descaling
S1450 Sodium lubricant with medium fat content, borax free
S1440 Sodium lubricant
S1531 sodium lubricant with high fat content
G4210 jelly paste special paste for one die application on lime coated rod. Excellent bright finishing and good protection against corrosion.
G4260 light green paste high lubrication paste to be used for heavy operation, one step
L3005 liquid lubricant soluble in water for wet drawing of fine wire with bright finishing
L3009 to be added at 5% to the final degreasing solution.
L3131 solvent based lubricant for removal of the residual lubricant after wet drawing for staple wire