Lubricants and coatings ( wire for fibers - fine wire redrawing)
Pancover properties characteristics surface preparation
4750 low borax pre-coating compound, water soluble suitable for high speed drawing. For in line or batch treatment. Low humidity pick up. Good anti-rusting properties. 1. acid pickling and lime or pre-coating.

2. belt descaling and pre-coating.

3. mechanical descaling, brushing and pre-coating
4760 borax free pre-coating compound, water soluble
S27 calcium lubricant for high speed mechanical descaling for first drawing starting from mechanical descaling and pre-coating, following by S1280 or S1400.
S44 calcium lubricant for high speed
S330 calcium-sodium lubricant for high speed to be used for the very high speed starting from belt descaled and pre-coated rod. Suitable for in line machines. To be used on the first 1-3 blocks followed by sodium lubricants S1280 or S1440
S1280 sodium lubricant with high melting point totally soluble in water and very easy to be removed.
S1400 borax free sodium lubricant
S1440 sodium lubricant with high fat content