Stainless steel wire (precoatings, dry and wet lubricants, greases, degreasing agents, chemicals)
Pancover properties characteristics surface preparation
4750 low borax suitable for stainless steel wires, bars, tubes and profiles. the coating film has a low tendency to pick up moisture, enabling long storage before final use. special additives have been included to enhance the adherence to the profiles/surface preparation. 1. acid pickling.

2. shot blasting.

3. molten salts descaling
4700 chloride free
4770 very low hygroscopicity, low borax particularly indicated for high humidity environment  
4780 borax free it is used for the in-line treatment of multi-wire coating after in-line phosphate. 1. shot blasting.
2. acid pickling
S37 calcium lubricant with low fat content for medium and high speed drawing rod preparation by precoating in line or batch (PANCOVER products)
S55 calcium lubricant with low fat content for high speed drawing, high melting point
S613 calcium lubricant suitable for average and high drawing speed. to be used on the first dies and sodium on the following dies. high performance drawing lubricant for rod breakdown and fine wire drawing.
S616 calcium sodium lubricant with low fat content recommended for high speed drawing, to be used on the first dies, followed by a sodium lubricant
S330 calcium lubricant designed for the highest speeds up to 40 m/s (8000 fpm)
S1440 sodium lubricant totally water soluble and very easy to be removed For high speed and fine wire production. Low residual on the wire. Suitable for in line cleaning. Use after a calcium lubricant to reduce the residual on the wire. sodium lubricant is generally used after a calcium to obtain a clean surface. It can be used directly from the first pass on coated rod.
S1504 sodium lubricant with high content of stearic acids Totally soluble in water and very easy to be removed. Borax free.
S1290 sodium lubricant
S1400 Sodium lubricants with high content for the final dies or for redrawing of fine wire - clean nail wire