Additivated charcoals for hot dip wire galvanising. Different grain size available
Panchem 5700 activated charcoals for galvanising different products are designed for zinc wiping in the hot dip galvanising process. the products are treated with special additives to provide good wiping properties, long life, very low fumes. bright or dull finish depending on the application
Panchem 5703
Panchem 5710
Panchem 5709   Special charcoal of fine grain size for the use on galvanised mesh
Panchem 5730   Specially sieved and dryed mineral coal to cover the lead bath after patenting
Fluxing products for for galvanising and Al-Zn hot dip coating
Panflux S1 fluxing products products for preparation of fluxing baths for hot dip galvanising
Panflux 5600
Panflux L liquid concentrated solution
Aluflux 5610 special flux for zinc aluminium alloy hot dip coating
Spiral brushes  
  properties characteristics  
SP 5839 Outer diameter: 58mm Brass coated steel bristles  
SP 4034 Outer diameter: 40mm Brass coated steel bristles  
SP5739NY/SS Outer diameter: 57mm Polypropylene bristles, stainless steel frame  
SP4034NY/SS Outer diameter: 40mm Polypropylene bristles, stainless steel frame  
SP3034SS Outer diameter: 30mm Stainless steel bristles and frame  
Wiping pads for galvanising and provide a uniform and bright zinc coating
Wiping pads for hot dip galvanising

- yellow type
- black type
- white type

- aramidic textile fiber
- glass fiber

- impregnated and lubricated

-dimensions following customer request
high technology wiping pads, expressly studied to wipe off the excess of zinc and provide a uniform zinc coating.

Main characteristics:

- long life
- lubricated for low friction
- high surface speed (up to 10 m/s)
- constant wiping effect
- not flammable
- asbestos free